American Farm Equipment in Hillsboro, ND, offers quality products from brands such as Delux, Chief, and American Grain Dryer.


American Grain Dryers are a batch dryer, 200 BPH to 650 BPH, which are totally self-contained and easy to operate with the latest updates. They offer high pressure, high quality fans with a 12-inch drying column. With a fully automated and superior control panel, American Grain Dryer has become synonymous with excellence in the grain dryer industry since 1947.


Delux builds long-lasting grain dryers made from quality parts and components. All Delux grain dryers excellent air flow and efficient burn, and operation is easy. The Delux dryers offered by American Farm Equipment are Conventional continuous flow suction cool dryers from 700 BPH to 3,500 BPH, and are simple to operate with moisture link option.


The Chief (Caldwell) or CD dryer are mixed flow, high efficient, high grain quality dryers from 1150 BPH and 10,000 BPH. This quality brand offers consistent airflow, easy operation, minimal cleaning and maintenance, and a long operating life.


If you have vents that freeze up on your bin you could pop the roof up causing thousands and thousands in damage. Install a Roof Saver and it will shut off your fans to save the roof.

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